DC3 shows:

Thurs. 12.22.11 set time 10pm
3rd and South Sts, Phila PA
Origiviations Holiday party. $5 door


mail: po box 1981 media pa 19063
email: derek@derekchafin.com
text to: 77950

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New CD 2012 - not kidding this time!
I know it's taken me forever to get this finished but I hope it'll be worth your wait. The new CD tentatively titles "Louder Than Red" is a combination of lots of ideas - it isn't acoustic and it isn't just full tilt rock. Let's call is an electro-organic mash up.

Out Live:
Dobbs on 12.22.11 Origivations Holiday party

In The Studio:
- Working on my next release.
- Just produced and mixed the new Charlie Phillips CD "What It Is" which is absolutely amazing.
Produced and mixed Clashing Plaid's new CD.
- Produced and mixed Airways first tracks for an eventual CD.
- Produced and currently mixing Suzanne Gorman's new CD.
- In pre production with Parsnip Revolt for thier upcoming CD.
- Working on Owen Brown's new CD

Produced and mixed In The Blonde debut CD.
- Produced and mixied Kenny Markford's follow up CD.
- Produced and mixied Something Kept Hidden's debut CD
- Mixed Post Post's debute EP.
- Produced and mixied Electric Boa's "Candy Coated Cyanide"
- Produced Keith Garner's debute CD - just released.
- Appeared with Pop Is Art for a Squeeze tribute record - our track is Misadventure, which follows up our tune on the Jellyfish tribute record (New Mistake is our track)

Listening to:
Too much going on in the studio to really listen to anything else but what I'm working on but just got these CD's:
Black Keys, Darkeness on the Edge of Town, Mark Ronson, and a bunch of others I can't remember right now.

Too many computer screens!

Twittering or Facebooking. Look, I have an ego but I don't begin to think I'm self important enough that my every moment needs recording and distribution. Isn't that what records are for?